Tuesday, February 14, 2023

WIRED Article on my "Chosen Family" photographing signs

“a few friends and family members knew about my weird obsession … but for the most part I kept it to myself.” My friend Kim Haggin Rossi wrote a wonderful article (link below) for WIRED that was published yesterday. It talks about how so many of us found our "chosen family" on Instagram through our shared interest in taking pictures of signs. The article beautifully illustrates how so many of us from all over the country took a leap of faith to travel to a new place, and then immediately felt a sense of connection; friendships ensued. So, if you're wondering why on any given trip I bring cameras and disappear for a bit, this article demystifies this crazy behavior! It's truly incredible how we find "our people" through a shared passion, and create real connections in what appears to be an otherwise virtual space of the Internet.

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